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Lawn Care

Desert Landscaping

Lawn Care is only available to our Landscape Maintenance customers

It’s challenging to have a beautiful lawn in the desert. The Bermuda grass that grows in the summer in Arizona requires a LOT of sun to thrive. If part of the lawn is shaded, the Bermuda will struggle. It will start to get patchy, then eventually you will have dirt or weeds, not a lawn.

Lawns also need a lot of water (over half of a homes water bill is typically spent on the grass) so they need proper sprinkler placement and settings. After shade and water, the third biggest problem in most yards are the weeds growing from seeds that are constantly being blown by wind, or dropped by birds and quickly multiply.

What to do?


If you would like to keep your lawn, and it's in decent condition, we can recommend lawn treatments designed for your specific situation (sprays, fertilizers, aerating, add sprinklers, etc). Your grass may just need a little help every year or two, or it may need a more intensive, ongoing approach to retain it's vigor. Keep in mind, grass gets old and will need to be replaced after 10-20 years. If your "lawn" is mostly dirt or weeds then it's time to replace with new sod.

If you no longer want to keep your grass, or you have too much shade and you don't want to remove the source of that shade (we can help with tree removal too), we can convert the lawn to rock or artificial turf. The simplest option is to replace the old grass with rock. If you'd like to add plants, or possibly contours, boulders, or river-runs, we can help with that too. Artificial turf is expensive but can give you that lush green appearance without the problems of real grass.

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