Frequently Asked Questions

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**We guarantee we'll show up on the day we say or we'll take $100 off (or the job amount if less than $100.) If we don't show up the day we say to do maintenance, we will credit the service up to $100. Excludes: holidays, bad weather, factors outside company control, or if the customer hasn't paid or confirmed on time.


Clean-ups & Maintenance:

48 hour warranty (sorry, we can't warranty longer than 2 days due to Mother Nature)

Tree Trimming:

15 day warranty

Drip or Sprinkler system installation:

FIVE YEAR warranty on everything we installed except the heads

Time-clock, valves, or PVB:

FIVE YEAR warranty

Lighting Installation:

FIVE YEAR warranty on everything we supply & install

Repairs of existing irrigation or lighting:

90 day warranty

Irrigation heads & light bulbs:

6 month warranty

Plant installation:

6 month warranty if we supply the plant & water is set to our schedule**

Pavers & artificial turf:

FIVE YEAR warranty

All other installations:

TWO YEAR warranty

Sod Installation:

6 month warranty if we supply the sod & water is set to our schedule**


Sorry, there is no warranty on overseeding


Sorry, there is no warranty on any spray application

***Exceptions to the plant warranty: Annuals have no warranty. Many plants temporarily struggle after installation so we generally won't replace a plant unless it is dead. We reserve the right to replace plants with a different plant species or to wait until milder weather to replace it. Living things vary in size & appearance so there will be variation.

Unfortunately we can't be responsible for problems due to factors beyond our control including (but not limited to); freezing, pests, parasites, vandalism, misuse, fire, wind, rain, lightning, or other acts of God. Tire marks or minor damage must be expected from tool use or material handling in the driveway or paths. Silver Fern Landscaping will make a good faith effort to avoid damaging existing pipes and wires but cannot be responsible if they have been installed at an incorrect depth or if blue-staking was unable to access that part of the yard. Landscape industry standards generally have wide tolerances so problems that aren't obvious without close examination usually are not covered. We cannot warranty against water penetration after grading as landscape remedies are not a complete solution. We are not liable for any special, punitive, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages or lost profits. We rarely offer refunds, and then only at our sole discretion.

Watering Schedule

See below for our recommended watering schedules. Please keep in mind, these are our suggested starting points - EVERY YARD IS DIFFERENT so you will need to adjust as needed.

Drip Systems


Sprinkler Systems (Grass)

sprinkler system chart.png

When First Installed (for 2 weeks)

when installed chart.png

*Start Times - Separate start times by at least 1 hour to give the water time to sink into the soil.

** At peak heat of summer

What if I Have a Problem, Question, Concern, or Want Something Done Differently? ​

We want you to be happy. Please be nice to us - we'll do our best to help. The most effective way to reach out regarding changes, quotes, requests, problems, etc is by calling our direct office line at (480) 753-4703 or emailing us at info@silverfernaz.com.

The foreman will knock before starting service to ask if there's anything you'd like to be done a little differently today; but for permanent changes, payment questions, scheduling, more significant issues, or if you're not home during service, we encourage you to contact the office by phone or email.

We appreciate it when you let us know about something you've noticed. Because you're probably at the house far more often than us, we assume you'll see things that we don't.

The most common special request is to trim bushes more, less, frequently, or at a certain height. Please just let us know what you want. The guys are only equipped to trim up to about 6 ft.

Everyone has different opinions on how to maintain their yard, and all landscapers do stuff differently, so please let us know what you're thinking. What seems obvious to you, may not be how most other people want their yards maintained, or what is included in your price, or how we have chosen to do business. If you would like to request something be done differently, please just contact us. If we can't service your yard as you desire, we'll be honest with you and you can cancel at any time (although we'll be sad to lose you).

Please be patient with minor problems, in landscaping we are never able to achieve perfection.

If we break something, we will generally pay to replace it. Valuable or fragile items need to be put away while we are working. Leaf blowers blow air at about 200 miles per hour so old or plastic landscape lights will fall apart. Sorry, but we can't stand behind those (or other similarly fragile things).

If there is a warranty issue... We will stand behind our work. For issues with maintenance & clean-ups, we will need to know within 48 hours so we can evaluate and correct the issue. For tree trimming the warranty is 15 days.

Other FAQs

The best times of year to do stuff:

January/ February:

  • Weed killer in lawns AND in the rock areas
  • Freshen or install rock
  • Any kind of installation work
  • Stumping bushes

February/ March:

  • Trim Citrus trees


  • Fertilize all plants & trees

May/ June:

  • Trim, thin, and remove trees (except citrus)
  • Irrigation repairs (including valves, timeclocks, PVBs)​
  • Weed killer in lawns

July/ August:

  • Trim palms
  • Weed killer in the rock areas


  • Fertilize all plants & trees


  • Overseed grass with winter rye

November/ December:

  • Trim, thin, and remove trees (except citrus)
  • Replace drip systems

In the winter, many plants and trees look sad. Don't panic - it's normal in the colder weather.

- We don't recommend removing dead looking plants or trees during winter unless it was already dead or dying before the cold weather. Generally it's best to wait until March to determine if there really is a problem.

- Some trees will lose their leaves and others will just brown up. They may look nasty but most of them are OK.

- Some plants will turn brown as it gets cold (especially lantana). Again, almost all of them will come back in the spring.

- Cannas will get ugly for a short time but new growth will usually come up in the spring.

- When frosts are forecast, you don't have to do anything, but if you want to have fewer plants turning brown, you could try covering them with a sheet or some plastic. Especially tropical plants like hibiscus, ficus trees, boxwoods, orange jubilees, yellow bells, bougainvillea, and also lantana.

Rock is important.

It acts as a mulch to retain water in the soil, regulate root temperature, and reduce weeds. It also helps make the yard look cleaner and better. All yards need to get refreshed with additional rock from time to time. Please contact our office if you'd like a quote.

Also, if you have an old lawn you no longer want to water, replacing it with rock is usually the most cost effective solution.

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