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Yard Maintenance

At Silver Fern Landscaping, we offer weekly, biweekly, or monthly maintenance services.  Please read the following for information regarding recurring maintenance services. 

Regular service includes:
  •  Lawn mowing & edging (if there is a lawn)

  •  Trim bushes as needed (up to 6 feet)

  •  Cut & spray weeds in the rock & hardscapes

  •  Blow (then remove that debris)

  •  Check irrigation for leaks

  •  Fertilizing grass twice a year

  •  Set the timer for seasonal changes twice a year (for summer & winter)

  •  Keep tree and palm canopies at 6 feet (Our intention is to lift up the canopy of larger trees with a trimmer so you can walk under them. If larger branches would need to be cut, that is not included. Citrus trees and very small trees shouldn’t be raised that high so we don’t. 

**Please note: Our maintenance customers pay by credit or debit card. We automatically run your card on the working day before your service. Payment is always due at the time of service - if payment isn't available we will usually skip the service.

We have a 48 hour Satisfaction Guarantee on maintenance work. If you are not satisfied with your maintenance service (other than things relating to something outside of our control, such as weather) please contact us within 48 hours so we can correct any mistakes.

If we do not show up the day we say, your next maintenance is free (up to $100)!

**Exceptions are holidays, nasty weather, non-payment, or phone/internet outage. 




Yard Maintenance will go a long way toward keeping your yard looking good but there will definitely be times when you need to do more than just maintain.

Some of the things that are NOT part of standard service, but are available, include:

Wondering how often you should have yard maintenance done?
For most yards, we recommend bi-weekly (once ever two weeks) service. Click here to request a quote.
  • If you have grass, there are some times during the year the grass will be growing very quickly, so you may want service every week instead. 
  • Monthly (once every four weeks) service is discouraged as most yards will look very messy by the time we get back. We don't offer service less frequent than monthly, and you will be required to have bi-weekly service if you have grass at your house.
  • The price you pay is based on consistent service, so we ask that you do not skip services, even if there doesn't seem to be much to do. We try to keep the price stable all year whether there is more to do than average or less.
  • If you have a lot of weeds in your yard, monthly service will not be enough to control them. The weeds will germinate, grow, and drop new seeds several times before we return. If weeds are a big concern for you, we recommend choosing bi-weekly maintenance.
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