May Newsletter

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Get your Irrigation System ready for the summer heat!

Valves, Timers and PVBs are essential parts of your irrigation system and need to be replaced from time to time. If you're seeing a problem, please contact our office.

Drip Systems last about 10-20 years. A good rule of thumb is when you've had 3 or more leaks, the underground line is probably getting old and brittle and starting to crack. When that happens it's almost certainly time to replace. When the line gets too brittle, individual leaks can no longer be repaired. We are experts in replacing drip systems - in fact we're licensed contractors - so please contact our office for a free quote.


The summer grass should be coming back from dormancy now. If your summer grass (Bermuda) is looking sad, there are a few options:

1) If the grass is getting thin, we can quote either re-seeding or re-sodding. However if the cause of the problem is too much shade, the summer grass will always struggle to thrive.

2) Some weeds are inevitable (the seeds get blown in or dropped by birds), but if there are lots of weeds in your lawn we can quote some treatments. The catch 22 is that it's now too hot to spray the chemicals - but since weeds are seasonal, we still need to come up with a plan now.

3) If the grass is brown, there may be an irrigation problem we can help with. If you control the timer, it probably needs more time or more watering days - just please don't have it water on the days we do maintenance. Brown grass might also just be the old winter rye dying off.

4) If you want to save water, or if you have too much shade for healthy grass, we can quote converting the lawn to rock, with beautiful low water use plants, or to artificial turf.

By the way, bermuda grass lives about 10-20 years (same as a drip system - see those notes above). Less if the grass is stressed by low light, poorly laid out sprinklers, or infrequent mowing. As it declines it will get thinner and/or it will get more weeds. All lawns will need to either be replaced (seed or sod) or removed (rock or artificial turf). Please let our office know if you'd like free suggestions or a quote.

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If you notice a problem, we hope you'll let us know. We want to take care of the issue. We feel like we're partners in looking after your landscaping so we always appreciate your help when you notice something we haven't seen, or we haven't yet brought to your attention. As always, the best way of communicating with us is to contact our office.