April Newsletter

As we approach April, it's time to prepare for the change to the summer schedule for your irrigation timer. Let us know if you do not want us to change your timer. If your timer is located in the garage or is a smart timer, you may need to set it yourself.

Fertilizing your plants and trees twice a year, in April and September, is highly recommended for their health, growth, and overall vitality. While sunlight and water are essential, they alone are not sufficient for optimal growth.

Reach out to our office to inquire about a fertilizing quote and ensure your greenery receives the nutrients they need.

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For citrus trees, an additional round of fertilization in February or March is essential. Even if you've recently fertilized your citrus trees, they will benefit from another session in April to support their growth and fruit production.

In Arizona, Queen Palms often face challenges. To help them thrive in this environment, we suggest fertilizing them four times a year. If you'd like to put your Queen Palms on a regular fertilizing schedule, please let us know, and we'll take care of the rest.

As we transition to the summer schedule in April, we'll be adjusting time clocks. If you prefer us not to change your timer, kindly inform us. In cases where we are unable to adjust your timer, such as smart timers or those located in garages, refer to our website FAQs for a recommended schedule. Feel free to contact our office for assistance in installing a timer that aligns with our services.

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Water Bills

Keep in mind that with increased watering for your plants, your water bill may see a rise, especially if you have a significant amount of grass. If you're looking to conserve water and reduce costs, reach out to us for a quote on grass removal or reduction services.

Patience is key in achieving the perfect timer settings for your specific needs. Each household is unique, and adjustments may take a few services to get just right. Rest assured, we're dedicated to finding the optimal settings for your property.

By following these seasonal care guidelines and staying proactive in your plant and lawn maintenance, you'll ensure a vibrant and healthy outdoor space to enjoy throughout the year. For further information or assistance, don't hesitate to contact our office.